Asymmetric|MP3 015 - Taxonomy Of Diligence - 7th May 2009

asymp3015 Inigo Kennedy announces Taxonomy Of Diligence - the fifteenth release for his Asymmetric|MP3 project.

Taxonomy Of Diligence is available as a free MP3 release and consists of five new tracks Amelioration, Delicate II, The Knock, Positive Feedback and Niin Kuin Aalto Uittaa Aallon.

The release is downloadable at no cost via the Asymmetric website at

Amelioration and Delicate II evolve a driving melodic introduction before The Knock detonates a solid bass-heavy line over scattered percussion. Positive Feedback aims squarely for the floor before the release concludes with the layered tones and rhythms of the delectable Niin Kuin Aalto Uittaa Aallon.

The tracks are encoded using LAME at a constant bit-rate of 320Kb/s.

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